Caregiver Opportunities

Providing care is considered a high calling at Crossroads Senior Care. We seek those individuals who see their work as a mission and not just a job.
We are pleased to have and seek out some of the best caregivers in the area!

As a caregiver with Crossroads, you will have the benefit of working under the supervision of a Care Coordinator who ensures that your client’s care plan is appropriate and optimal, supports you in caring for your client, and makes sure that you are a good match for that client.  For anyone without a CNA, we also provide a 40-hour online training course.

We are always interested in hearing from dedicated caregivers seeking in-home care positions with Crossroads Senior Care. If you have care-giving experience or enjoy helping others, you should consider a career with Crossroads Senior Care. Crossroads Senior Care has part-time and full-time positions, as well as night shifts and weekend shifts.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for retired and semi-retired individuals.  Our caregivers range in age from 18-76. Some of the best caregivers for seniors are seniors!

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Caregiver Testimonial

“Working with Doug, Lori, and Nicole has been a blessing to our family. When they told me they would be starting this service I was the first in line to want to work and support them. I know them personally and they have been so compassionate and caring knowing some of the personal struggles my family has dealt with, but working for them and being able to support others provides me with so much gratification and humbleness. I am so thankful to Crossroads Senior Care for allowing me flexibility to work a schedule that works well for me and my clients. And for matching me up with clients I love spending time with. What a joy to go to work each day knowing you are making a difference in someone's life.” ~ Lyndia Scott, Dover, AR

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