From the Owners…

Doug & Lori

When you get to a crossroad in life you need to consider which path to take in your journey to care for your loved one, we believe Crossroads Senior Care is your best option.
Allowing seniors the opportunity to remain in the security of their own home and familiar surroundings, helps them to maintain independence and dignity throughout the natural aging process.

With Crossroads Senior care, your loved one will receive exclusive one-on-one care that facilities are not able to offer. They will be matched with a caregiver ideally suited for their specific needs. More importantly, the emotional support and companionship derived from constant interaction with an in-home caregiver helps seniors avoid depression and inactivity. Transitioning to new and unusual locations can cause unnecessary stress and worry for everyone involved.

We are all simply happier at home.

When asked, 80% of seniors prefer home care over assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In-home care is also the most affordable option. In the Arkansas River Valley in-home care averages $3,100/mo, while assisted living averages $4,500/mo, and Nursing Homes average $5,000/mo.

As one family member, Cindy, recently told us, “Bringing a caregiver into Nanny's home was the best thing we ever did for her. Effie and Amber (our caregivers) became a part of our family. They spent 3 years with us, and we are so thankful for them. They helped us through so much and we knew we could depend on them when we were not available to be there. Effie became one of Nanny's best friends and we stay in touch with her today.”

Let us help your loved ones enjoy their highest quality of life by letting our caregivers assist them at home. Call us today for a free in-home consultation. Our caregivers are dedicated, experienced and well-trained.

We consider it a blessing to care for individuals at a stage in life that is often the most difficult


Doug and Lori Schumacher